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Wayne Will Press kit

      Wayne Will is the founder / lead artist of the independent music group “Beyond Versatile,” delivering a new and unique sound to a growing pop industry. The young artist from Carrollton, Ga strives for unmeasurable success and refuses to give up even after facing many obstacles in life. His rap like pop sound was inspired by, in the words of Wayne Will, "some of the greatest artist that ever had the pleasure of owning a mic." As a child Rodney ( Wayne will) Ridley stumbled across his gift while watching and imitating every Michael Jackson dance move and at the same time discovering "the more to music" through the rhythm and rhyme of his icon, NWA's Eazy-e. Although he never actually wrote a rap until the 7th grade and made friends with the former executive producer of “Beyond Versatile,” Justin (Jay Tarver) Tarver, he had always known music was his gift. Towards the end of Junior High School, Wayne Will had a notebook filled with lyrics and only wanted to let his gift to be heard. The separation of him and Jay Tarver the following year caused the plan to fail. In the same year, Jay was accepted into a group called “The Young Juvies,” who had countlessly doubted the talent of Wayne Will and rejected him. In 2009, the group disbanded and Wayne Will took that opportunity and teamed up with former “Young Juvies” member, DJ Master Beats to prove their worth. Wayne Will released his first solo project in 2011, The Young Rods: “Lil Buddy Swagg.” After his recent cover to Eminem’s Rap God, Wayne Will has continuously improved and become more successful.

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Wayne Will

Artist/ Producer/ Creative Visual Stylist


(213) 267-1032


Beyond Versatile LLC

Carrollton Ga, 30117

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